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Working in a consultancy and working in-house – a view from the inside.

by Bartosz Jedrzejewski, on 21 Mar 2017
Lead Developer Bartosz discusses the differences between working for a company that provides in-house development and working as a Scott Logic consultant

Voxxed Days 2017: Learning from the best in tech

by Ricardo Schuller, on 14 Mar 2017
Hear how our graduate developers got on at Voxxed Days 2017

#BeBoldForChange and beat the elephant in the room

by Scarlett Wilson, on 08 Mar 2017
It’s an exciting time to work in UK tech, with companies growing each year. But there's something of an elephant in the room - the lack of women entering STEM

The Scott Logic Bugathon: what to expect

by Wullie Trimble, on 08 Feb 2017
We're hosting a Bugathon on 18th March in partnership with Newcastle University, find out about how we created it and what to expect on the day.


by John Wright, on 19 Dec 2016
It’s hard to believe we’re coming to the end of another year, so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on some of the things that my team has been involved in

An interview with our technology director

by Scarlett Wilson, on 13 Dec 2016
After 10 years with the business, we asked our Technology Director his thoughts on technology both inside and outside Scott Logic.

Office insights:Bristol

by Nicholas Hemley, on 30 Nov 2016
Find out about our Bristol office and some of the things the team get up to inside and outside of work

Testing is boring: How we can all help destroy the myth

by Hannah Pretswell, on 15 Nov 2016
Lead Test Engineer Daniel recently produced a blog tackling the myths around software testing, one of which being ‘testing is boring’. In this post, fellow Test Engineer Hannah delves a little deeper into this misconception and things we can do to dispel it.

Office insights:london

by Nigel Wilson, on 01 Nov 2016
Gain an insight into the Scott Logic office and hear from some of the team members

An Insight Into Our 2016 Intern Projects

by John Wright, on 04 Oct 2016
This year we welcomed seven interns to our offices. In this blog post we explore the projects they worked on over their time here.

Software career? There is no such thing as the "wrong degree"

by Hannah Pretswell, on 05 Sep 2016
Continuous learning is part of our culture at Scott Logic, our test engineer Hannah volunteers as a STEM Ambassador in local schools. Find out more here.

Building the next generation of technology professionals

by Stuart Roebuck, on 22 Aug 2016
Last week, five Scott Logic staff took time out of the Edinburgh office to lend a hand with the Prewired Summer Hack for young people aged eight to 19.

Day by day - week one as a Scott Logic 2016 graduate

by John Wright, on 11 Aug 2016
Last week was a busy week for our second lot of 2016 graduates as they embarked on their first week at Scott Logic - read on to find out what they got up to.

Euros 2016: how you can have a whole bot of fun at Scott Logic

by Andrew Jones, on 18 Jul 2016
Euro 2016 may have been a little disappointing and flat, but the same can’t be said for the Scott Logic Euro 2016 table football tournament...

Grad Projects: How building a game was both galvanising and gratifying

by Richard Beckett, on 29 Jun 2016
In this post, Richard and Andy will talk you through their ‘Hell Escape’ game project, one of the things they’ve worked on during their first few months working at Scott Logic as graduate developers.

Project insights: Building a web-based finance application framework for the browser and desktop

by Rob Newsome, on 17 Jun 2016
Here, Andy will talk you through what’s involved in building a web-based application framework for the browser and desktop.

Introduction to Business Analysis

by Matthew Burdis, on 01 Jun 2016
At Scott Logic business analysis is as important as the software development itself - why not take a look at Matt Burdis' introduction to business analysis

Software Testing at Scott Logic: An Insight into how we work

by Daniel McNamee, on 05 May 2016
An insight into how software testers at Scott Logic work.

Roles in software: Developing as a consultant

by Phil Pounder, on 19 Apr 2016
I speak with clients regularly, constantly getting feedback on our teams and work. But this doesn’t just extend to our code; it’s more than that.

Project insights: building a web-based foreign exchange application

by Rob Newsome, on 07 Apr 2016
What are some of things you could be working on at Scott Logic? Here, Sam talks through building a web-based currency trading app.

The 2016 BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium - A Retrospective

by Hannah Pretswell, on 01 Apr 2016
A first-timer at the annual BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was keen to answer any questions about careers in software.

Bristech: story of a meetup

by Nicholas Hemley, on 16 Mar 2016
Nic Hemley, Head of Development for Scott Logic in Bristol, co-founded the Bristech meetup in July 2013, inspired by an existing group in Edinburgh. In this series of blog posts, Nic will be telling the story of this meetup: its genesis, challenges and possible future direction.

Why the #pushforparity is a slow burn

by Jule Wilson, on 10 Mar 2016
Business must attract broader people into software and ensure the gender-based conditioning that has resulted in a male industry is confined to history.

Tackling the myths around a software testing career

by Daniel McNamee, on 08 Mar 2016
Lead Test Engineer Daniel tackles the myths around a software testing career.


by Michelle Minnikin, on 19 Feb 2016
Recruitment Manager Michelle discusses the importance of being open minded when hiring Graduate Developers.

Why extra-curricular activities are more than just ‘something to put on your CV’

by John Wright, on 11 Feb 2016
We were pleased to run two Hackathons last week which led our Recruitment Manager John to answer why extra-curricular activities are more than just ‘something to put on your CV’?

4 signs a UX Design role is your job match made in heaven

by Scarlett Wilson, on 10 Feb 2016
At Scott Logic we’ve got User Experience (UX) roles for both graduates and experienced applicants. So how do you know if a UX design role is for you?

A glimpse into our 2015 graduate projects

by Rob Newsome, on 12 Jan 2016
A glimpse into working life for new software developers and testers in the first few weeks of Scott Logic's graduate programme.

I don’t have a Computer Science degree - can I still work in software development?

by John Wright, on 01 Dec 2015
There’s a common misconception that there’s only one route into software engineering being one of them, but the truth is, the name of your degree is secondary to skills such as logical thinking, coding or testing ability, and arguably most importantly – passion. Here, two of our employees explain more.

Graduate Fairs - On the other side

by Michael Gilboy, on 27 Oct 2015
I recently attended my first graduate fair in what seems like an eternity since I was in those shoes, and of course, this was my first such event as a recruiter for Scott Logic.

6 Steps to get the most out of a grad fair

by John Wright, on 15 Oct 2015
6 steps to get the most out of a grad fair

Do software developers need an online presence?

by Ross Clark, on 04 Sep 2015
Do software developers need an online presence?

All is anything but lost for STEM in the North East

by John Wright, on 14 Aug 2015
I was disappointed to read on this morning’s Journal front page that the number of A-Level students choosing Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects is falling.

Day by day - week one as a Scott Logic graduate

by John Wright, on 14 Aug 2015
A record 19 new recruits joined our 2015 graduate programme which began with an intense and enjoyable week involving technology, tiaras and table football.

Scott Logic employees embrace the Great British summer of sport

by Ross Clark, on 27 Jul 2015
Scott Logic's Newcastle office embraced the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and hosted the first ever Tennis-themed table football tournament.

Our interns - an inside track on the industry

by Ross Clark, on 22 Jul 2015
As a leading software consultancy, we are proud to attract the best and brightest students from across the UK into our annual paid internship programme.

reassuring revelations from our new recruits

by Ross Clark, on 08 Jul 2015
As a thought-leading software consultancy, Scott Logic attracts talent from all around the UK.

why communication is the key to great software

by Jule Wilson, on 24 Jun 2015
When hiring, many employers list communication skills as among the most essential competencies for a huge array of roles.

Making the leap from academia to industry

by Murray Crease, on 17 Jun 2015
Murray Crease attends the inaugural PhD Horizons conference at the University of Edinburgh and discusses the breadth of career opportunities open to PhD graduates.

Working as a software developer for scott logic

by Ross Clark, on 10 Jun 2015
We recently launched our ‘Day in the Life’ stories, which gives people a chance to learn more about what it’s like to work for Scott Logic from the perspective of our employees.

5 Useful Tips For Landing Your First Graduate Job

by Nicholas Hemley, on 01 Jun 2015
Being fully prepared at interview not only has positive effects on confidence but can throw-up interesting questions to ask.


by John Wright, on 01 Jun 2015
Welcome to the Scott Logic careers blog! We’ve created this blog to give you an insight into what it is like to work here. You'll be able to read up on what some of our people do through employee stories.