So Valentine’s Day is coming up, that time of year when people are eager to find their perfect match. But what about finding your perfect job match? After all, on average 30 per cent of our lives are spent working – so you want to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy! At Scott Logic we’ve got User Experience (UX) roles for both graduates and experienced applicants. So how do you know if a UX design role, and particularly one at Scott Logic, is the one for you?

You’re a good communicator

Just like when seeking a Valentine, communication is key for a UX Designer; when you’re working on a project you need to be able to work well with others, as you’re often the middle-man between a client and the developers. You need to be able to balance their often conflicting needs with those of the end users and their best interests. It’s important you understand their differing demands so you can communicate your thoughts clearly, whilst maintaining the ability to give and receive constructive feedback.

Sometimes, the way in which you present your designs is equally important. At Scott Logic we use a variety of methods to present our ideas in an effort to help the client understand our approach. A UX Designer needs to be strong-willed, which means you can lead a discussion about your work, and comfortably take criticism from both colleagues and clients – it’s all about getting the balance right.

You can put others first

When working through disagreements in your personal life, empathy is crucial – the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see yourself through another’s eyes. Similarly, at Scott Logic we use a variety of techniques to ensure we understand the end users’ needs and wants. These can be achieved through workshops, interviews, flow analysis, competitor analysis and secondary research.

At Scott Logic we use Agile methods, so our work can be reviewed and adapted based on feedback. By thinking critically and putting the end users’ experience first, you‘ll learn to better distinguish the difference between good and bad design, as applied to the project objectives. So, before taking the jump, be willing to listen to the reasoning behind what the user needs, not necessarily their specific request, using this reasoning to make informed decisions.

You love to problem solve

Love is a battleground as the saying goes, and it’s true that for any relationship to last the distance, you need to address and work through any problems as they arise. The nature of a UX Design role means you will probably face different problems on a day to day basis – some of these problems may seem overwhelming to begin with. But as a determined problem solver, you’ll thrive at the challenge as you begin to break down the information and work through each task in hand. If you’re the sort of person that sees an opportunity within a problem, then a job as a UX Designer may be for you. At Scott Logic we work with a lot of clients in complex business sectors. We therefore need to be able to challenge interaction models and quickly adapt to new or niche subject matters with specific requirements. We often do this through rapid iteration, which explores a range of options. We often find the simplicity of pen and paper works best.

You have a GSOH (Good Sense Of Humour)

Taking the rough with the smooth is part and parcel of success, in love and at work, one of the key abilities needed to do this is a good sense of humour. Workplaces all have times of inevitable stress, but being a team player means you’re able to find the fun at work, and help your colleagues and clients to also. At Scott Logic we pride ourselves on ensuring our employees have a good work-life balance - we have games clubs, lunch activities, after work sports and of course, we enjoy a beer with our colleagues once in awhile! All work and no play doesn’t make for success in a creative career like UX Design.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to being a UX Designer than design skills alone – there are some key personality traits that are important to succeed in this role. Find out more to see if you can make your match in a UX Design role at Scott Logic on our vacancies page.