Our Technology Director Colin is responsible for driving our technology focus, so we remain up to date with technology on the cutting edge, and how it may apply to relevant sectors. After 10 years with the business, we asked his thoughts on technology both inside and outside Scott Logic.

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1) When did your interest in technology begin?

I'd say when I was around 10 years old. I first started programming on a BBC Micro model B. I then saved up for a Commodore Amiga. I taught myself BASIC and spent a lot of time writing graphical demonstrations for the Amiga 'demo scene'. I also dabbled in electronics, building guitar effects pedals and amplifiers.

2) In the ten years that you’ve worked at Scott Logic what would you say is the biggest change in technology you’ve seen?

I think the biggest change I've seen isn't a specific technology, but the pace of change in technology itself. Technologies used to have long life spans, whereas now, things seem quite different from one year to the next.

3) If you had to predict the next big change in technology, what would it be?

While augmented/virtual reality sound futuristic and modern, I think a much more mundane sounding technology will have a far greater impact on our lives, such as self driving cars. The technology is relatively mature, and the impact it will have on our lives, and the environment around us will be significant.

4) If you had to put yourself in a camp, would Java/JavaScript/Microsoft be your preferred technology?

I wouldn't. It's about selecting the right tool for the problem at hand. Software development is a craft (not an art), and an important part of understanding a craft is knowing which tools to use and when.

5) What role do you play in selecting new projects Scott Logic gets involved with?

Quite an important role! I'm involved in all the various aspects of the sales process, so I get to see the projects we are gravitating towards and help determine whether they’re a good fit for the company and our people. I like to see a mix, safe projects that we know we can deliver, and others which stretch and challenge us.

6) What is the furthest you’ve ever travelled for Scott Logic?

The furthest in distance would be San Francisco. But the furthest in time would be the (almost non-stop) 36 hour journey the Head of Development Rob and myself made when returning home from visiting Saxo Bank in Copenhagen when the volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland!

7) What is your favourite gadget?

Anything that connects to the internet.

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