I recently attended my first graduate fair in what seems like an eternity since I was in those shoes, and of course, this was my first such event as a recruiter for Scott Logic. I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect, given I've never been on this side of the stand, but as a graduate fair novice, it couldn’t have gone any better. Armed with a new recruitment stand, and an abundance of freebies in the hope we’d attract some further attention, off I went...

Standing out from the crowd

It’s really difficult to stand out in a busy room full of other equally keen employers; however thanks to our stand with its newly designed look and feel, we really stood out from the crowd. Fully set up, it was 10am, and I was ready.

One by one the graduates started to filter through the doors, some with a clear vision of which companies they wanted to speak to, while for others, this was a perfect opportunity to see what’s out there and impress a potential future employer. Graduate fairs are a two way street; whilst employers are seeking to impress and entice the best graduates in, on the other hand first impressions also  count from the graduates themselves, and so it begins.

York University was a brand new territory for us, so the first question off everybody's lips was: "So, who are Scott Logic, and what do you do?" Bang, I’m in there. This is the perfect opportunity for me to ensure we’re the talk of the campus, not only for those in their final year of studies, but also for the masses of first years taking a speculative approach to potential future employment. Being a new organisation to all in attendance, there were no preconceived ideas from either party, so what was presented to me each time was a blank canvas - perfect!

Prospects Galore

The goodies went down a storm: eco-friendly pens, pencils made from recycled CD cases, key-ring torches and rugby-themed stress balls, perfect for exam time nerves. There was such a great atmosphere throughout the day, and so many constructive conversations were had with the graduates, some of whom left their CVs with us; result! Others left their contact details on our iPad and were happy to be considered for opportunities further down the line, as well as being entered into a competition to win up to £150 worth of Amazon vouchers.

As you’d expect, the majority of candidates I spoke to were from a Computer Science background, but there was also a Politics student who had a strong interest in technology, with a view to enrolling on a Computer Science MSc, so you should always expect the unexpected.

The stand is now packed up ready for our next round of grad fairs at Glasgow and Dundee , then Durham and Sunderland, plus some tech conferences in between. It’s a busy period, but judging by the reactions we’ve seen so far, I’m hoping these will prove very successful. And if you can’t make it to see us at any of these events, our newly launched careers website has plenty of useful information about our Graduate Programme.