This is part of a series of blogs exploring the unique qualities of each of our development centres in Bristol, Edinburgh and Newcastle and our consultancy base in London. Each of our spaces is individual in a number of ways, but one thing that remains consistent throughout Scott Logic’s work spaces is the high calibre of people and their drive to learn. This month we’re going to hear from Nic about our Bristol office and some of the teams' thoughts on working in the UK’s biggest tech hub outside London.



The office is located centrally on King Street, with good access to Harbourside bars and restaurants, and Temple Meads train station just a short walk away across Queens Square and Redcliffe. The majority of people choose to use public transport or cycle to the office and it is an easy commute from both the greater Bristol area and the nearby city of Bath.

Georgiana, who joined us as Graduate Developer this year said: “The Bristol office is great in the summer as people can enjoy a spot of sunbathing in Queens Square or even have lunch on the water's edge with an incredible view of the boats heading in and out of the harbour. If I'm being honest, the views I get on my way to and from work are the reason I love this location so much. Some of us also enjoy a run around the harbour at lunch time - this has become quite a tradition. The location is right in the middle of a great range of pubs and restaurants such as Three Brothers Burgers and the Aluna, both of which are particularly popular locations at Friday lunch. Turtle Bay is also a firm favourite for a Friday evening drink.”



As you would expect from an office of 40 people, there’s always something going on, including interviews, client meetings, self-study groups, lunchtime learning sessions and pair programming. As such, the atmosphere is neither too noisy nor too quiet and enjoys plenty of natural light as a first-floor south-facing space.

Senior Developer Daniel noted: “It's been great working with such a bright and talented group of people. People in the Bristol office have a range of differing experiences, and they're happy to share those along with their thoughts or ideas on a variety of subjects.”



We’re incredibly fortunate to have established a vibrant learning community, both formally and informally. We blog regularly on technical topics and encourage people to talk publicly about their tech experiences at Tech Talks and events such as Girl Geek Dinners. Through Bristech monthly meetup group and its spin off annual conference, both of which we sponsor and helped found, we’re also heavily involved in our local tech community.

Developer Jenny, who has been involved with events such as Girl Geek Dinners, said: “There’ve been a wealth of events to get involved in at the Bristol office such as coding challenges, open days and talks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting the people who come to these events and sharing ideas and experiences. Since joining, I really feel a part of the local software development community.”

Lead Developer Chris also said: “This year I’ve helped to run learning groups within the Bristol office on JavaScript, soft skills, agile practices and F#. I think it’s true that you have to know something well before you can teach it to others, and participating in these groups has benefited my personal learning greatly, as well as spreading knowledge within the office.

“I currently run the monthly meetup for and we have two tech talks on the first Thursday of each month at Bristol’s Engine Shed tech venue. I also help with the annual conference and this year I drove the call for speakers and helped to pare down the 127 submissions to the 18 who spoke on the day. My involvement with Bristech allows me to keep up-to-date with the evolving tech scene in Bristol, meet interesting people and learn from them. I particularly enjoy being able to give back to the community.

“I’ve also been fortunate this year to have time “on the bench” to explore DevOps techniques.  We built a microservice-based web application using F# for the microservices and React / Redux for the web front end and deployed the services on AWS using Docker. We spread the learning within the office with people coming onto the bench for a while to learn new things like AWS or Docker. From this I was able to speak at the inaugural Bristol Tech Talk alongside Chris Price on Continuous Delivery, blog about topics like Concourse CI and Docker Swarm and also give lunchtime brown bag sessions on “What is Docker and why should you care” and “Docker 1.12 swarm mode."


the future

As the team grows in size, we are careful to consider the impact on our culture and retain the elements that make it such a successful office. We regularly have company lunches and a ‘Friday bar’, so people can socialise and get to know each other outside work. In a growing company, opportunity knocks as we diversify both our capability and client mix, and the pace of change in technology is ever intensifying, making it an exciting place to work.

If you are interested in joining our Bristol office please take a look at our latest vacancies. Alternatively email