As a leading software consultancy, we are proud to attract the best and brightest students from across the UK into our annual paid internship programme.

Our interns enjoy a great opportunity to build upon their existing knowledge, improve their skills and gain insight into commercial life, as well as Scott Logic’s vibrant culture.


Here are some thoughts from our most recent recruits on their experience so far.

Chris, Newcastle University (started 22.06.15)

“Since starting the internship we’ve been working on the company’s HTML5 training course, which covers everything needed to develop a professional looking (and working) website, and the code behind it.

“This includes JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS along with the JavaScript libraries Angular and D3. Angular provides a MV* framework to easily handle user input and separate it from the display of a website, and the logic behind it all. User Interface elements can be easily tied to functions or variables which are then used by other functions behind the scenes. As data changes, anything ‘watching’ the data can be set to update automatically, giving a powerful and efficient way to organize code. D3 is used to easily produce great looking displays of data, which again can update as the data changes.

“As a Maths undergraduate, this is my first experience of web development, so it’s an interesting new area for me, and it’s been exciting to write my first (very simple) server! The tasks have built on each other in an interesting way. Each of the tasks are also often to do with bitcoin, which I’ve personally found fascinating.

“The work has often been challenging, with a lot of of self-directed learning expected, but there has been as much help as is needed offered by the experienced mentors, which is invaluable.”

Charles, Heriot-Watt University (started 15.06.15)

“My first week has been spent becoming familiar with the technologies needed for the project we’re working on. Previously I had only used one language at a time and had not done much web development before so there was a lot to learn.

“I worked on Visual Studio MVC applications which use front-end HTML/JavaScript and back-end C#, and developed a browser application, phonebook application and a simple game. I’ve learnt a lot and have enjoyed immersing myself in new technologies.”

Ben, University of Bristol (started 06.07.15)

“I’m hoping to get a good understanding of JavaScript, a language I’ve had no experience with so far; as well as working with interesting technologies and frameworks such as node.js and AngularJS. I am also looking forward to gaining some good experience working on a large scale project as part of a team, learning how to discuss ideas, work in parallel, and use version control systems such as git.”

Ruth, Newcastle University (started 22.06.15)

“Being in Newcastle, Scott Logic's location was a big plus when I was looking for a placement. I have experience with Java and enjoy interactive websites, and I knew that Scott Logic would provide me with the knowledge and experience of creating and using both of these. I was spurred on to be an intern after hearing from Scott Logic’s employees as guest speakers at my university.”

James, University of Bristol (started 06.07.15)

“I enjoyed playing video games and solving puzzles when I was younger, which led me to try and make replicas of my favourites! There was no computing class in my school so I just experimented in my own time, even creating simple programs to solve my maths homework. For me programming is like Lego, you have all the tools to create anything you want, even if it looks horrible it’s still something you made and can be proud of!”

Our mentors have been swift to champion the group’s hard work so far. Steven, from our Edinburgh office said: “Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn reminds me that we are very lucky to work in an industry we are passionate about.”

And Simon, from Newcastle added: “Internships are a great opportunity for both employer and employee. As an employer, we get the chance to do experimental work in a low risk way and to validate our interview and recruitment processes. It also gives us a chance to train staff to be mentors and project leaders.

“The employee gets a chance to show off their abilities, learn new skills and make really productive use of their summer. You get to put real work experience on your CV, which employers love, and lastly, internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and potentially land a permanent role after graduation.”