As a thought-leading software consultancy, Scott Logic attracts talent from all around the UK. The first half of 2015 has been another successful period for recruitment, with offers of employment going out to 59 people across our four offices.


We caught up with some of our recent recruits to hear how they are getting on working at Scott Logic so far...

Martinho, Developer (Newcastle)

“I’ve been with Scott Logic for just over three months now and it has been a great experience. The office location is good, the work is challenging and my colleagues are very supportive, especially when it comes to teaching and sharing their knowledge. Demanding as it can become at critical stages, the job is exciting and also very rewarding.”

Leigh, Office Administrator (Bristol)

“I have been working as an administrator at the Bristol office for almost four months now. The people I work with have been really nice and supportive as I’ve got to grips with being the new face in the office, and the challenge of remembering everyone’s names during my first month.

I enjoy how varied my day can be and I like the fact that I provide admin support for all of the Scott Logic offices, not just the location I’m based at. I’m currently arranging our summer social, which I am enjoying, and I’m also looking forward to taking part in it myself! As we have very recently moved into the new Bristol office, I have also really enjoyed working together to get everything as we want it.” 

Chris, Senior Developer (Edinburgh)

“I started at Scott Logic in February 2015, and my initial impression was how friendly and welcoming everyone was – not at all a room full of geeks!

I was a little intimidated by the wealth of knowledge that surrounded me, but having worked for the previous six years on a monstrous legacy application, I was looking forward to assimilating some of that knowledge and gaining some valuable new skills using the modern tools and techniques that are encouraged here at Scott Logic.

Imagine my surprise when I was handed the reins of an internal application project! It gave me the chance to do what I am good at (refactoring spaghetti code, breaking dependencies, bug hunting), and settle down into working life. Three months later I have been put onto a new project, and while it is still so new, it is great to be part of an Agile team once again, surrounded by some pretty smart guys.”

and into the future we go...

Scott Logic values its employees and prides itself on creating an environment where knowledge, support and thought-leadership are nurtured and encouraged. As the company advances into the second half of the year, Scott Logic will continue its work to engage with experienced professionals and graduates alike, to consider a role as part of its talented and accomplished team.