To celebrate another glorious year of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, Scott Logic's Newcastle office embraced this world renowned event and hosted the first ever Tennis-themed table football tournament.

Over the past three weeks, 32 of our employees took part, and players of all ability rose to the occasion to try and claim victory in both singles and doubles competition. The table was specially customised, including a "grass" turf with tennis markings and a net (which got discarded after one match - turns out it gets in the way quite a lot), and tennis scoring was introduced, although the matches were so fierce, five set matches were a rarity.

As the weeks progressed, the tournament took on a life of its own. Talented players fell by the wayside to underdogs and others thrived in the arena, culminating in several weeks of  intense drama, heartache and even a little bit of scandal.


The results

The tense five set doubles final was won by Joel (Developer) and Ross (Marketing), opponents Rob N (Head of Development) and Dean (Developer) heroically saved four match points, they were eventually overcome by unstoppable baseline shots.

The singles final saw Rob P (Senior Developer) rushing off to a 2-0 lead. However, through hard graft, Dean (Developer) fought back and went on to win three games to two.

Singles Champion Dean added: "When I was 2-0 down I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I searched for the hero inside myself [and found it] and I'm really happy with my performance in the second half. Rob's a great opponent, and he's always tough to beat, so I was really pleased I managed to turn it around when it really mattered."

In keeping with the Wimbledon spirit, the winners each received a punnet of strawberries, and we even captured the action packed singles final on camera so you can watch it for your enjoyment - Singles Final Showreel.