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Open source in financial services survey

by Colin Eberhardt, on 24 Apr 2017
We are interested in exploring the challenges faced by our Financial Services clients and their use of open source software.

RegTech and MiFID II

by Kirsten Hurley, on 28 Mar 2017
RegTech seems to have surpassed FinTech in the vocabularies of a lot of our banking clients in 2017. No doubt one reason is the impending MiFID II deadline

FinTech: Code - Themes for DevOps and Agile Transformation in Financial Services

by Kirsten Hurley, on 23 Mar 2017
The agenda for FinTech: Code mirrored a lot of what we hear our clients talk about, such as, “we need to do DevOps, but how can we do it well?”...

Government ICT 2017 – reinvigorated and hugely relevant

by Jon Tucker, on 01 Feb 2017
Scott Logic recently attended the Government ICT conference as our first public sector conference.

Our most popular Tech Blog posts of 2016

by Colin Eberhardt, on 19 Jan 2017
OK, I’m a bit late; I intended this for the start of January, but this time last year I wrote a post on our most popular 2015 technical blogs. Here I am again!

Digital transformation: getting started and avoiding common pitfalls within the public sector

by Stuart Roebuck, on 11 Jan 2017
Given the complexity of digital transformation, how does anyone faced with a responsibility to deliver get to grips with the issues and decide where to start?

2016: In review

by David McAvelia, on 04 Jan 2017
As 2016 drew to an end, social media and technology research sites made their predictions for the year ahead, and articles show little has changed...

How are businesses using Big Data?

by Tamara Chehayeb Makarem, on 01 Dec 2016
Big Data can help businesses run more efficiently. Their main challenge is getting the best value from the data they have to turn it into actionable information

ETAS 2016: An Experience Shared

by Kirsten Hurley, on 24 Nov 2016
This was our second consecutive year sponsoring ETAS, which promised to look at hot topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and MiFID II

Digital transformation in partnership

by Stuart Roebuck, on 14 Nov 2016
The demand for speed in Digital Transformation is set against a backdrop of legacy technology, processes and procurement methods, demanding a culture shift

Unstoppable HTML5

by Colin Eberhardt, on 09 Nov 2016
HTML5 has won the battle against plugins, now universally viewed as dead technologies. Meanwhile the native vs. HTML5 mobile technology debate continues...

The ins and outs of Bitcoin

by James Hill, on 20 Oct 2016
Awareness of Bitcoin has steadily grown, but understanding of it less so. Allow us to shed some light.

#AWSsummit 2016: Adoption on the up in financial services

by Kirsten Hurley, on 13 Jul 2016
Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Summit, an event that gets bigger every year...

Platforum perceptions

by Kirsten Hurley, on 07 Jul 2016
After attending as a delegate, Scott Logic sponsored the second annual Platforum D2C & Digital Conference, the theme of which was ‘Engaging Tomorrow’s Investor’

Dynamo 16 - A Retrospective

by Michelle Minnikin, on 05 Jul 2016
Scott Logic is a Dynamo North East member and there has been so much happening in the UK over the last couple of weeks, Dynamo 16 gave me much food for thought.

TINTech 2016: reflections

by Kirsten Hurley, on 16 Jun 2016
This was my first year attending TINTech and I was looking forward to some interesting industry insight around the usual IT concerns and trends.

FinJS Roundup: The day I met Brendan Eich and Peter Beardsley

by David McAvelia, on 12 Jun 2016
Earlier this month, more than 100 City delegates descended on the East Wintergarden for FinJS. It was clear there was one person everyone was there to see...

Considering users in context to innovate in retail banking

by David Pinches, on 24 Mar 2016
Smartphones & tablets have revolutionised business. These days, mobile banking is the default option for most consumers, but today, that isn’t enough.

TECH PULSE: MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES - The options can leave you standing still

by Colin Eberhardt, on 12 Feb 2016
Should businesses choose HTML5 or native for mobile apps? There’s no universal right answer; allow us to assist.


by David McAvelia, on 14 Jan 2016
To keep abreast of the ever changing world of technology and finance I always ask my financial services clients the same question; “where will you be investing your time and money this year?” What role will blockchain and Bitcoin play in the world of corporate banking? Exactly how will the financial services sector embrace them?


by Colin Eberhardt, on 10 Jan 2016
Countless prospective Scott Logic clients have told of their reluctance to migrate their web applications to HTML5, despite the platform winning the war on web domination over plug-in technologies such as Flex and Silverlight some time ago. In our latest white paper, HTML5 Migration: Get started with a ‘Little Bang’, we tackle exactly this issue and provide an alternative solution to the either/or approach.

Most popular Tech Blog posts of 2015

by Colin Eberhardt, on 04 Jan 2016
Most popular tech blog posts of 2015


by Colin Eberhardt, on 15 Dec 2015
Since the internet became embedded in all our lives in the late 1990s, the pace of evolution for web technologies has been frantic and it’s only getting faster; new frameworks, tools and libraries appear and disappear in the blink of an eye! So how can anyone be expected to keep up? That's where the Tech Pulse by Scott Logic can help. In this post, we examine our key findings in relation to web technologies

Five questions to ask in finding the right technology consultancy

by David Pinches, on 23 Nov 2015
Finding the right consultancy for your business isn’t necessarily straightforward. After all, it’s a competitive market out there and many companies have a great deal to shout about. With so much choice available, how do you go about ensuring you engage with the right consultancy for you, your project, and ultimately your own customers? Well, here are five crucial questions you should ask:

tech pulse: helping you to keep pace with technology

by Colin Eberhardt, on 18 Nov 2015
Technology doesn't stand still - each day we are faced with new ideas, new frameworks and new techniques for developing software

Has financial services software in the north east come of age?

by David Pinches, on 17 Sep 2015
Has financial services software in the north east come of age?

Omni-channel: How to address the digital disruption in Investment Management

by David Tuck, on 17 Jun 2015
There is a fundamental challenge for Investment Management firms today; how to evolve their services to meet a modern ‘omni-channel’ world that operates 24/7.

A Technological underpinning for omni-channel

by Colin Eberhardt, on 28 May 2015
A technical strategy for an omni-channel experience needs to support each individual channel, and also their combined usage.

Making Technology Disappear

by Graham Odds, on 21 May 2015
‘Making technology disappear’ is a strong statement but one we feel is achievable if user experience underpins technological decision-making. In previous blog posts we have looked at the journey to omni-channel systems within capital markets and how to get started what the first steps are on the omni-channel journey.

The Time is Right for Finance Apps

by David Pinches, on 14 May 2015
The financial services industry has been dabbling with wearables for some time now. In retail banking, consumer orientated apps have been appearing or announced for smart watches and in the world of financial trading, companies such as IG have launched a trading app to monitor a “watchlist” pun definitely intended, buy and sell shares & track market conditions.

How to start your omni-channel journey

by Graham Odds, on 14 May 2015
With the proliferation of platforms and devices, or ‘platform explosion’, chasing technology and aiming to deliver all services on every single one is unfeasible. Consequently, businesses often miss the opportunity to create the genuine single experience that defines a true omni-channel system.

The Journey to Omni-channel

by Graham Odds, on 06 May 2015
Multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel: all modern terms that are used to describe the evolving way in which users access systems and services. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, companies adopted a multi-channel strategy where customers could access the same system on a range of devices and platforms.

The challenges of enterprise HTML5

by Colin Eberhardt, on 13 Mar 2014
The web has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a system of interlinked documents to the highly capable application platform it is today.

The importance of making strategic decisions when developing for mobile

by Colin Eberhardt, on 11 Feb 2014
In a few years the smartphone has evolved from expensive curiosity, through consumer leisure device to the point where they are now essential business tools. Regardless of the sector you operate in, if you are not already developing mobile applications then you probably feel under pressure to start.