Technology doesn't stand still - each day we are faced with new ideas, new frameworks and new techniques for developing software. From my perspective as a technologist, this is great! There's always something new to learn; it's what motivates me.

However, this pace of change is a very real challenge for our clients (if you've just landed on our website, our clients are typically large enterprises). When you're investing millions of pounds developing a large-scale application, you have to be very careful about the languages, frameworks, tools and overall approach you opt for. Adopt too early and there is a danger you'll make the wrong choice; you could back a technology that never flourishes. Conversely, a conservative choice may mean missing out on innovations happening elsewhere.

As Scott Logic has grown, we've gained a lot of knowledge and experience, which we're very happy to share with our clients. They often look to us to help make decisions relating to technology and development methodologies. What we wanted to do was create a 'snapshot' of our opinions on a wide range of topics, so we could share them more widely. This is where the idea for the Tech Pulse started.

So what is the Tech Pulse? Put simply it's the collective thoughts and opinions of the 150+ developers, testers, project managers and UX designers that make up the Scott Logic team. The authoring process for the Tech Pulse involved numerous brain-storming sessions where we brought together various groups of people to ensure everyone's opinion was captured. It was very much a collaborative effort.

The end result is an interactive visualisation which is ready for you to explore.

My hope is that the Tech Pulse will be a useful tool for companies facing difficult decisions around technology and processes.

Regards, Colin E.