Countless prospective Scott Logic clients have told of their reluctance to migrate their web applications to HTML5, despite the platform winning the war on web domination over plug-in technologies such as Flex and Silverlight some time ago. Their reticence is understandable. After all, organisations have spent time and money getting on to the web, with plug-ins the obvious, if not only solution at a point when HTML5 lacked maturity.

Nobody expected such a swift technological evolution, and this has left business leaders with a dilemma. Does wholesale migration to HTML5 result in the waste of their previous investment? Or is the risk of delaying this inevitable migration the real cost?

In our latest white paper, HTML5 Migration: Get started with a ‘Little Bang’, we tackle exactly this issue and provide an alternative solution to the either/or approach.


There is no doubt that delaying migration to HTML5 will be the more costly choice in the long run. However, by considering a hybrid migration strategy, we feel companies can tackle the migration issue while minimising the up-front costs of doing so.

In HTML5 Migration: Get started with a ‘Little Bang’, we draw upon expertise gained on complex client projects in large and intricate organisations to examine the practical considerations faced by businesses in tackling this issue.

We show organisations another way - demonstrating that an iterative approach can be applied to help them overcome their fear as well as setting them on the right road for their future success.

To find out more, click here to download the white paper.